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Wallet free with security in Mind

Use ListMe as your digital ID and wallet for a smooth, hassle free entry. Create social experiences as your selfie unlocks your digital identity. The build-in ID verification, ListMe makes it possible for you to have your name submitted to as many events of your preferred bar/club/event while still being in the comfort of your home, or hotel room. All that you need is a profile that can be made through the app.


User app, Admin app and dashboard. (SaaS)

Project Type

Mobile App & Website

Tech Stack

React Native, React, Nextjs, Styled-Components, Apollo GraphQL, Mongo DB

ListMe is one of our wonderful project that provide social experiences & new events to explore. Discover new events anytime & anywhere on ListMe.


Get social & get listing Tailor your unique social life, meet new people and explore new brands all on ListMe

Wallet Free With ListMe, your phone is the only thing you need to enjoy an event.

Discover Meet new people, find new friends and get immersed in social experiences

Let's have a look on App -

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listme-app-digiboard listme-app-digiboard1 listme-app-digiboard2 listme-app-digiboard3

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