Do Recharges, Bill Payments and DMT with Payoji

Services we provided

  • Mobile App & Website

Tech Stack built upon

  • React, GatsBy, Styled-Components, GSAP, Apollo GraphQL, Mongo DB, Expo


Financial Servicing Website & Mobile Payment App


Mobile App, Website, Online Recharge, Payments

Here, This is one of the amazing project, we have done a little ago. Feeling so happy and exicted in sharing with you about this Financial Servicing Website(Business Website), Payoji PAYOJI Technologies India Limited is India's largest retailer and E-commerce company that has started to provide you the financial services, sales services via web portals as well as electronic payment services and many more.

Payoji provides services like Mobile recgarge, DTH recharge, Postpaid recharge, Electricity Bill Pay, Domestic Money Transfer and many more. You can go and check the website for further Information - Payoji Payoji is having both its Website and App. You can download the app from Google Play and store it in your mobikes for future use.


There below, It is the Sign-in Page Demonstation. All the work has been done with using React (one of the most popular framework), Gatsby. Go and Sign up, make your account and start doing online payments just with some clicks of your fingrs!!

page

So, having different pages, just giving the breif description here. Tthis one seems our Contact Page that is holding all the indormation related the owners and if you have any queries, you can contact them.

Contact Us - Payoji

It's App Look -




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